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The Baltimore Ravens are one of the best teams ever because they consistantly have a great defense.

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Q: Why are the Baltimore Ravens one of the best teams ever?
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Has Baltimore Ravens ever beaten Pittsburgh when ben was the G B?

has ben roethlisberger ever lost to the Baltimore ravens

When did the Baltimore Ravens play their first game ever?

The Ravens first ever regular season game was September 1, 1996 against the Oakland Raiders in Baltimore. The Ravens won 19-14.

Who was the worst kicker on the Baltimore Ravens ever?

Steve Haushka

Did Bret favre ever play for the Baltimore Ravens?

No - Favre was never associated with the Ravens in any fashion.

Have the Baltimore Ravens ever played the chiefs?

Yes the chiefs beat the ravens 3 out of five times

Have the Baltimore Ravens ever beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers twice in one season?

Yes, the Baltimore Ravens accomplished this twice. It was in 2006 and again in 2011.

Who was the first person to ever score for the Baltimore Ravens?

Matt stover

Did the Baltimore Ravens ever beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game?

No, they have not. The Ravens are 0-2 versus the Steelers in the postseason.

Are the ravens the best team ever?


Did fabian Washington ever play for the Carolina Panthers?

No - he played for the Oakland Raiders and Baltimore Ravens.

Have the Baltimore Ravens ever beaten the indiannapolis colts?

Yes The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Indianapolis Colts. 1998 - Week 13 on November 29 The Ravens beat the Colts in Baltimore 38-31 2001 - Week 12 on December 2 The Ravens beat the Colts in Baltimore 39-27 In the 2006 Post Season, The Ravens faced the Colts in an AFC division Playoff Game at Baltimore. The Ravens were a 2nd seed, the Colts a 3rd seed. The Colts defeated The Ravens 15-6 2007 - Week 14 December 9 The Colts defeated the Ravens in Baltimore 44-20 2008 - Week 6 on October 12 in Indianapolis The Colts defeated the Ravens 3-31 Out of 5 games between each other the Ravens are 2-3

Did the Baltimore NFL team ever have a different mascot than the Ravens?

There is 2 separate Baltimore franchises, the original was the Baltimore Colts who later moved to Indianapolis. The current franchise Baltimore Ravens was actually the Cleveland Browns who left Cleveland and the their name behind with the city after a lawsuit. So the Ravens are all new with no old ties as far as records, and mascots, and history.

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