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The A&M stands for Agriculture and Mechanical. Aggies is an abbreviation for agricultural and was originally a derisive term. It is often used when referring to Morrell Land Grant Colleges.

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Q: Why are the Athletic Teams Of Texas A and M Called Aggies?
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Is this how you spell aggies?

The proper noun Aggies refers to the Texas A&M (Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College) sports teams, who have been the subject of innumerable humorous stories.The lowercase aggies can apply to types of marbles that resemble the mineral agate, although imitation (glass) agates were called immies.

Why do you have football teams?

because......... Texas A&M is the best! oh ya! gigem aggies!

When and how did Aggies jokes start?

Aggie are football fans of Texas agricultural college. Fan of the other Texas college teams started them.

What are the sports teams of Texas?

dallas cowboys, Houston rockets, dallas mavericks, Houston astros, san antonio spurs, Texas rangers, dallas stars, Texas longhorns, Texas a&m aggies, Texas tech

Why are the students at Texas a and m called aggies?

"Aggies" steams from the word "agriculture". A&M is an agriculture school and back in Old Army days many of the students came from Texas farms it is a well suited name.

What is an aggie in football?

Aggies is a team name used for various football teams (as well as other sports), most notably Texas A&M University.

Texas Tech Red Raiders is what type of athletic team?

The Texas Tech Red Raiders refer to the collection of athletic teams representing Texas Tech University. All of the school's athletic teams, except for the womens' basketball team use the name. Some of the sports included are baseball, golf and volleyball.

Are ATM aggies better than texas longhorns?

Of course the AGGIES are way better than longhorns

How many football games have been played between Texas Aggies and Alabama Crimson Tide?

4 ... with Alabama winning 3 and Texas A&M winning 1. The teams last met in 1998.

What do you call a student of Texas A and M?

They are referred to as Aggies.

What is the Texas Aggies record vs the Texas Longhorns since 1971?


Is there a Texas team named aggies?

Texas A&M University (College Station)