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team members are important in Basketball because how can a basketball game be played without any players and that players are the team members

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Q: Why are team members important in basketball?
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What sport has 5 team members?

basketball :)

What sport needs 5 team members?


Can a high school basketball team have only 4 members?


How are basketball numbers assigned?

usually the members of a team can pick the numbers that they want

When your in the army reserve can you play for the army basketball team?

The Army has an athletics programme which is open to members of the Regular Army. If you are referring to the Army basketball team which plays against college basketball teams, the answer is going to be no, as that "Army" basketball team is the team of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

How many women's college basketball team members can dunk a basketball?

Just one. Brittney Griner of the Baylor Bears.

Does each winning team member in a basketball final get a medal?

Yes! And not only the team members but the coaches, too.

What was the original number of basketball players on each side?

I think basketball has always been played with 5 members of each team on the court.

How many players on a basketball team at the beginning of the match?

It's always 5 on 5. Five team members on one team, five on the other.

How many people are there on basketball?

A typical basketball team has at least 5 members because 5 people are needed to be on the court to play the 5 positions.

What equipment is needed to play basketball?

The equipment you need to play are a hoop, a ball, and some team members.

Is Texas Legends the actual Basketball team?

Yes it's a team consisting of klan members who use burning crosses instead of goals

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