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i know the answer i am a six grader you dont know oh my

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Q: Why are sponsors going to be important in the game?
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Why are corporate sponsors important to college athletics?

They provide money for the program .

What food sponsors the Super Bowl?

Each year the Super Bowl has new sponsors. Some previous food sponsors of the Super Bowl were Doritos, Snickers, and Dannon.

What do the scores do the Game-makers give the Tributes mean?

Its there to help the tributes get sponsors for when there in the arena.

What are some of the katniss's worries about what she'll be wearing for the opening ceremonies?

if she's going to be dressed up as a coal miner and was going to get any sponsors or if she was going to be naked

Where to find sponsors for people to people ambassador program?

Looking for one too! Going to Australia.

Is tax payers money is going to the Olympics?

No. The athletes have sponsors and donations to help pay for the costs.

What is the prize for winning an olympic game?

Gold, silver, or bronze. And some money I expect, from your sponsors.

What are Travis Pastranas sponsors?

try this website

Where does game show money come from?

from the banks that support the game show The money that contestants can win on a show comes from sponsors, and networks that carry the show.

Who are the best sponsors for NASCAR racing?

Some of the important ones are Sprint, Pepsi, Coca Cola, and Home Depot.

Who are the NFL sponsors?

Acctually manny companies aponser thee nfl look on the field during a game and u will find many sponsor companies. also look at the sides of a hockey game and most of those also sponser the nfl

Is it correct to use the word sponcers or sponsors?