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Because the match is best of 3. Who ever wins two sets wins the game. This is done in Women's singles, and the doubles.

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Q: Why are some tennis matches won in two sets only?
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Why are some Wimbledon men playing 3 sets and others 5 sets eg. federer and hewitt have only played three sets in their matches?

Men's singles matches at Wimbledon are best-of-five sets so if Federer wins the first three sets against Hewitt, then he's won the match and they're done.

Why are there some matches in WWE Breaking Point in pinfall ain't all matches should end in submission?

no only the matches that are a big deal end in submission the main event matches

What do national tennis players need in there bag?

the only things that a national tennis player needs in their bag is a tennis racket, a couple of tennis balls, and some water.

How many points will it take to decide a winner in tennis?

This depends on a lot of things. One set requires a minimum of 24 points to be won by one player. Some mathes are one set, some are best of 3 sets, some are best of 5 sets, some are best of 3 sets with the 3rd set being a match tie-break (first to 10 points but must win by 2 points. Eg. 10-8 or 13-11 or 24-22 etc.). Most tennis matches are best of 3 sets. This means that the first player to get 2 sets wins the match. The player will need a minimum of 48 points. I hope this answered your question. But there are too many things to depend on to win a match. One match can take over 1,000 points (even though it is very, very, very unlikely).

Why are tennis matches called opens?

Before tennis was a professional sport on amateurs played. Some of the amateurs become professionaland were barred from playing. Then tournaments were made open 2 both. Hence where the term comes from.

Is the net included in most table tennis sets?

Most table tennis set will include the net but you are always better to look before on the box because some high end table tennis set will require you to buy the net seperately

How many sets must a player win to win a match in tennis?

The match in most tournaments consists of the best of 3 sets - the winner is the 1st player to win 2 sets. In some major men's tournaments, the match consists of the best of 5 sets - the winner is the 1st player to win 3 sets.

What is a super set in tennis?

A standard Tennis Set as we know is a race to 6 games played to a 2-game advantage or more typically a tie-break. The ITF rulebook includes no alternative set-scoring method other than the "short set" to 4 in Appendix IV. However, extended sets have been used for many tournaments, some with a race to 8 and some a race to 9. Typically any set prescribed beyond 6 games is a superset used in lieu of playing multiple sets to win matches. The 8-game pro-set is commonly used in many US amateur leagues, high school tennis and college doubles tennis tourneys.The World Team Tennis event plays a race-to-9-games.Both race-to-8 and race-to-9 are commonly used supersets.

How long is a tennis match played for?

There is no way someone could answer that question because every person plays at a different pace. I know this because i am a tennis player. Some matches can take 2 hours all the way as long as 5 hours!

Where on the Internet is it possible to find a place online with a table tennis set?

Table tennis sets can be purchased on the internet at many different locations and sites. Some of the best deals can be had at ToysRUs, Sports Authority and Dick's Sporting Goods.

Where is tennis?

You can find tennis anywhere...if you really like to play it. Today you have many ways of finding tennis players so lack of time for tennis is just an excuse. is a state of the art flex tennis league website that provides quick and easy way of finding tennis players using criteria like location, gender and skill level. It connects recreational players and offers leagues with competitive matches from beginner to advanced , superior customer service and easy-to-use website. How does it work? Registering and setting age, gender, availability and skill level is all that has to be done. After that players can join some of the tennis leagues for single players, doubles or mix doubles, or schedule and play friendly matches.

What are facts about tennis?

There are a lot of fun facts about tennis. You can name all kind of tennis. One of the fun facts about tennis is some people play with there feet . One of the King of Kings played that way and won the "Golden Cup".Andy Roddick was the first Jamaican to eat pie. He won 100,000 tournaments and won 2,000,000 sets. He was a really good man.

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