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the reason for not giving importance to sports is that . there will be many scams and many politics will be played..

for ex:hockey our national sport. but we haven't entered the Olympics ..

and one more reason for this is parents think that education will be life.. but not the sport and they cannot afford much for sports ..

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Different people have different interests. Sports simply has no appeal to some students, most commonly those whose physical skills are less developed compared to their intellectual skills.

There are numerous professions associated with sports, from professional players and coaches to sports medicine to lawyers and agents. Normally people who were good at sports would be more interested in these types of jobs.

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A few things can tarnish the perpetuation of sport some are but not limited to the conduct of the player/ownership, the use of any type of drugs or the lack of popularity/sponsorship ...

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Q: Why are some students not interested in sports?
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