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Its an aesthetic reason. Most tracks are red because older tracks (before man-made surfaces) were red cinders.

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Q: Why are some running tracks blue?
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How long is an indoor running track?

Most indoor running tracks are 200M, some are also odd distances like 140 or 150M, but you will sometimes stumble upon indoor 400M tracks (They are pretty rare).

How many running tracks are there in the US?

A lot

What is square footage inside of a 200 meter running track?

Running tracks are not all the same shape. Some have longer straights and sharper curves than others.

What is the song of awaking in Zelda spirit tracks?

blue then red or red then blue

What are the stadiums and running tracks like in olympic games?


What types of tracks are there for running?

Some are playground floor material but a little bit more solid, but some are concrete. You can either run track for speed or distance.

Where can I find some blue running shorts?

For blue running shorts,check out Nuke and other running sport shops on their online site. But for the cheapest price, I would say to check Amazon or eBay.

What is a compound word for track for trains?

A compound word for train tracks would be railroad or railroad tracks.

How many miles per hour can a nasscar go?

It depends on the track they are running on. On some Nascar tracks they may reach 200 mph.

When do you get running shoes in Pokemon Blue?

There are no Running Shoes in Pokemon Blue.

Are flat tracks or banked turns better for running?

banked turns

What will be the radius for 200 m track?

Running tracks are oviod, not circular.