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yes it is a dominate that is passed down from generation to generation through gene and chromosomes

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have Sex and let the boy put the two thumb prints In Your Back.. Lols No Not Tht I Know Of!

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Q: Why are some people born with dimples?
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When was Dimples Romana born?

Dimples Romana was born in 1984.

What is the definition of dimples?

Dimples are visible indentations of the skin, caused by underlying flesh, which form on some people's cheeks when they smile.

When was Dimples Cooper born?

Dimples Cooper was born on January 15, 1914, in Manila, Philippines.

Why do women not have dimples in their chins?

some woman do have dimples in their chin!

How do you get rid of dimples?

There is no way to get rid of dimples other than plastic surgery. Dimples are very cute. Many people would like to have dimples.

How you can get dimples?

you cant, you are born with them

How do you get cheek dimples?

You are born with them.

Never had dimples but now you do how did you get them?

Use a bottle cap.Use it to take pictures. But make sure you don't do this in public or people will laugh. lol c;^^^^ hope this helps (:

Can dimples help you to have a great smile?

Dimples will not necessarily help you have a great smile. Babies, with dimples, are cute when they smile and laugh. As people get older, they have a tendency of outgrowing the dimples.

Is it bad to have dimples on your tongue?

If you have dimples on your tongue from your childhood, that is not bad. Some people may feel good about it. Dimples appearing after you have become adult are problematic. You need to consult the general surgeon or dentist who have done post graduation in oral surgery.

What is the phenotype of an individual with one allele for dimples and one allele for no dimples?

a example of a gene

Do skinny people have dimples?