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i have been hit by a Baseball and softball at 40 miles per hour and they hurt the same amout softballs are actually harder thenn baseballs but this is my opionion i have been playing softball since my freshman year and i use to play baseball when my brothers team needed people so i have been hit many times but softballs are worst.

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Q: Why are softballs bigger than baseballs but are softer?
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Are softballs heavier than baseballs?

Softballs are generally heavier than baseballs.

Why are softballs bigger than baseballs?

Study's show that a softball is much bigger than baseball, because girls have a better throwing arm than guys tend to have.

Why are softballs called it?

They are actually softer than a baseball

Why are baseballs smaller than softballs?

because it is a whole other ball and leauge

Why do softballs go further than baseballs?

A softball will go no where close to as far as a baseball will go.

Differences between softball and baseball?

softballs are larger than baseballs and it is pitched underhand rather than overhand

What is a comparison for softball and baseball?

Softballs are heavier than baseballs. The softball field is smaller than a baseball field.

What is the difference between a baseball bat and a softball bat?

A baseball bat is made of harder wood than softball bats which are also made of wood but is softer. The reason is because baseballs are harder than softballs so they need strong wood.

What is the difference between a softball and baseball uniforms?

the boys baseball unis are baseball pants and usally a button up jersey and girls softball unis are usally short shorts, sliding shorts, and tank top jerseys and softballs are bigger than baseballs

Do you use the same ball in slow pitch and fast pitch softball?

No. Fast-pitch is were they have the big softballs. In slow pitch, they have little ones. But they are both bigger than Baseballs! The BIG balls that you see in collage softball are started being used in 12 and under. (Which is 11 and 12 year olds) 8, 9, 10 year olds use the middle sized ball. 5, 6, 7 year old us the little balls. The liitle balls are a little bigger than baseballs.

Which can be thrown further a softball or baseball?

A baseball for sure. Baseballs have a denser mass than softballs, and because they are smaller they have less air resistance. This is the reason that in baseball the fences and bases are farther than in softball (regulation baselines in baseball is 90', softball is 60' ).

What is the scale size of a heart?

Your heart is about the same size as your fist and weighs a little less than two baseballs. As you grow and get bigger, your heart gets bigger too.

Are meatballs more like softballs than spare ribs?


Is sleet bigger than hail?

No. Sleet consists of small pellets of ice typically pea sized or smaller. Pea sized hail is common, but in some instances hail can be larger than softballs.

What is softer than a petal?

lOve is sOfter than a petal....

Is quartz softer than apatite?

Yes,Calcite is softer than apatite.

Why are softballs yellow and not white?

the softballs are pitched from a shorter distance than baseball therefore harder to see. the bright yellow color improves the visibility of the ball.

What is softer than petal?

The object which is softer than petal must be silk.

Is cartilage harder or softer than bone?


Is rubidium harder or softer than potassium why?

it is softer

How fast does a softballs leave the bat?

up to 110 mph depending on the bat. Softballs come off of composite bats a lot faster than they come of of aluminum bats.

Are Major League baseballs lighter than a regular baseball?

No major league baseballs are 5 ounces just like regular baseballs.

What is the difference between baseball equipments and with softball equipments?

The Bats- The softball bats are called bottle bats because they resemble a bottle, they're maximum barrel width is 2 1/4", while baseball bats, usually have a lesser barrel length, but some can match the softball bats. Although the maximum barrel width is 2 3/4". The Ball- Softballs are a lot bigger than baseballs. The Glove- Softball gloves are usually wider and have deeper pockets to accommodate for the bigger ball.

Which is the harder ball a baseball or a softball?

WELL IF YOU WATCH SPORT SCIENCE THAN IT TELLS YOU THAT SOFTBALL IS HARDER THAN BASEBALL. JENNIE FINCH BROKE BULLET PROOF GLASS BUT THE BASEBALL JUST BOUNCED OFF THE GLASS. The softball is not harder than a baseball it may be bigger but the softball is not that hard! i play softball and i know that a softball is not harder than a baseball because i got hit with a softball and it didn't hurt as much as the baseball.....and the people who were pitching pitched the exact same speed! so there u have it a baseball IS HARDER than a softball!!!! Yes it is a fact that baseballs are harder than softballs because they are wound tighter. It may be a smaller ball but it is solid. softballs are rubber with string wrapped around it so they fly almost 200 ft less than a baseball will.

Are alkali metals softer or harder than other metals?

generally they are soft. they are softer than other metals.