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Black Diamond is a naming convention and graphic representation that the ski industry uses to identify the steepest slopes in a geography, generally a pitch of 40% or more, that may or may not be groomed.

Not all slopes in a geography are marked with black diamonds.

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It's a run for advanced skiers.

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Q: Why are ski trails called black diamonds?
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How many black diamond trails does Camelback Ski Area have?

Camelback ski area has ten black diamond trails from the thirty three trails that are open to ski the ten trails are the most difficult to ski and would not be recommended to the beginner skiers. A few black diamond trails are named "john Bailey", sullivans trail and the pharaoh.

When was Ski Trails created?

Ski Trails was created on 1956-01-01.

How many trails does okemo have?

Okemo hosts 119 trails on 650 acres of terrain.

What is the colour used to describe the most difficult skiing run on a?

Black diamonds are used to mark the most difficult runs on a ski hill.

What ski resort has the most trails?

Considering linked ski areas it´s Les 3 vallées having 196 lifts.

What do you need to do be a good skier?

1) Be safe 2) Use good quality equipment 3) Ski black diamonds comfortably 4) The love of it

Can you ski mount mitchell?

Ofcourse! Just need a snowy winter and good freeskiing abilities since there are no groomed trails or ski lifts.

Where is the Mont Saint Anne located?

Mount Saint Anne is a mountain located in Quebec, Canada, and it has an elevation of 800 miles above sea level. It is famous for ski and snowboarding trails, and has a total of 66 trails and 4 ski lifts.

How many ski runs does Bridger Bowl Ski Area in Montana have?

Bridger Bowl Ski Area is in Bozeman, Montana and it is accessed by a well maintained road. It has seventy one ski trails of varying degrees of difficulty.

What has the author John Veranth written?

John Veranth has written: 'Wasatch winter trails' -- subject(s): Cross-country ski trails, Guidebooks, Snowshoes and snowshoeing

What is there to do in the resort of Meribel?

The Meribel resort is part of the world's largest linked ski area. For those that don't ski there is also a ice skating rink, walking trails and a pool too!

Where is Keystone Ski Resort in relation to the slopes?

Keystone Ski Resort is located in the the Rocky Mountains. The resort is walking distance to many different ski trails and slopes. It has three different mountain peaks that can be skied while staying at Keystone.