Why are ski's curved upwards?

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Q: Why are ski's curved upwards?
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What does it mean when there is a curved line going upwards on a graph?

When there is a curved line going upwards on a graph it means the distance is increasing

Why are downhill skis curved at the end and long jump skis flat?

Because (at least hopefully), when ski jumping you will never and up skiing backwards.

What is a curved penis?

it means that when a penis is erect it curved upwards while some erect penises are just straight.

How are skis originally made?

One length of wood, thinned out and shaped. Forward end bent upwards.

How do I identify a rhinoceros?

A huge head ended with a massive horn curved upwards.

Why are the bananas that shape?

Bananas are not curled or bended, it is their natural shape. Bananas are curved because they grow upwards towards the sunlight.

Why are pagoda roofs curved upwards?

Buddhist believed that it helped ward off evil spirits, which were believed to be straight lines.

What different types of skis do Salomon make bindings for?

Salomon makes ski bindings for oversized skis, driver skis, Z10 and Z12 skis, steel skis, Guardian skis, various variety of STH skis and non-STH skis.

What are carving skis?

Before 1990, skis typically had straight parallel edges, i.e. the same width everywhere. Then came along the snowboard, which was able to "carve" easily due to the curved siderails, which made the board narrowest in the middle. This shape made the snowboard easy to turn by tilting it on its edge, and riding this way became known as "carving". To allow skiers to carve with the same ease as snowboarders, the skis were modified to have a shape similar to snowboards: Wide at the ends, and with a narrow width in the middle of these skis. At their introduction, such skis were sold as "carving skis", to differentiate them from the traditional, straight-edge skis. The "carving skis" were indeed easier to turn and learn. They became a big success and generally replaced the older ski design. As a result, today pretty much all skis are "carving skis", and the distinction is not really necessary anymore. SJO

What are flat skis?

skis sold without bindings are flat skis

How much are skis?

depends on the skis!

What are skis for?

Skis are for Skiing. It's fun

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