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Because ski's are flat, they skid along the snow's surface. But wheels can get stuck under snow.

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Q: Why are ski's better than wheels on snow?
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Why are skis better than wheels for travelling in snow?

Weight is distributed over a larger area, so the skis tend not to sink into the snow as much as wheels would. If and when the skis do 'sink' (into powder, for example) their design makes it easier to guide them toward the surface of the snow. Also, the longer the skis, the faster you can travel on them.

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They are very little different. The tires are much more important and real snow tires are far better than all season tires.

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What are powder skis?

Powder skis are a special type of ski made for deep snow. They are typically much wider than a normal ski and also oftenly have "twin-tips".

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How do you determine snow ski length?

a good general rule is to get skis that are about the same height as you are. The shorter they are, the more control you will have; the longer, the faster they are. If you are a beginner, go with some skis that are shorter than you. Note: this is assuming you are skiing shaped or parabolic skis (any new skis will be this type)

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