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because they have more money to by more expensive equipment and facilities

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Q: Why are richer countries better at sport?
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Why do richer countries win more medals at the Olympic games than poorer ones?

The richer countries have better sporting programs.

Why do richer countries cope better with earthquakes?

Usually their buildings are stronger, and their services are better.

Why do richer countries cope better wiht earthquakes?

Richer countries have more money to build better, stronger buildings and their emergency services are better. UNRELATED: You spelt, WITH wrong, sorry, I know it was probably just a typing error but I couldn't help it.

Is FIFA richer than UEFA?

F.I.F.A is richer then U.E.F.A, as F.I.F.A contains all the countries in the world and U.E.F.A has only Europen countries.

Why is there poverty in some countries and not in other countries?

Some countries are richer than others.

How did medieval clothes show power?

The richer you were the better clothes you had and the richer you had the more powerful you were

Who is richer Ghana or Nigeria?

"Ghana is better than nigeria and im half each" The question is definitely who is richer not better, and Nigeria is richer than ghana ( you can check on any list). Nigeria is also better overall.

Why richer countries might be better at coping with earthquakes?

Because u will be able to contact the police,ambulance,firefighters etc in the right time

What is the development gap?

the development gap divides the richer (the richer north) and poorer (the poorer south) countries.

Is India richer than Africa?

India is richer than some poor of African countries but not all of them.

Which sport has better athletes soccer or tennis?

Tennis,all the way!! Tennis is for richer people and Soccer is for dirty people because you get dirty and in tennis you show your intellegence

Is uzbekistan richer than the surrounding countries?

No Uzbekistan is Poorer then her surrounding countries according to its natural resources, but is good in development, Afghanistan is richer in Natural resources and Kazakhstan is the richest countries in central Asia

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