Why are real Madrid so rich?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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It is mainly because of selling players and Jerseys as well as many top players are there.

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Real Madrid make money from selling tickets, jerseys having Sponsors and money from the canteens and shares as well.

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Q: Why are real Madrid so rich?
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What does Spain have and rich in?

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

What is the world's second richest football club?

Real Madrid the richest club is Real Madrid so Man United are 2nd richest real Madrid

What teams do c ronaldo play for?

he has just signed a 6 year contract with real Madrid.. so real Madrid

What city does real Madrid play in?

Absolutely! Real Madrid's postal address is: Avenida de Concha Espina, 1 Estadio Santiago Bernabéu 28036 Madrid, España

Is the today's loose make real Madrid out from the champions league?

No Real Madrid are second in Spain this year so they will make it.

How many coaches has real Madrid have had?

Real Madrid have this bad habit of hiring and firing coaches to easily. For example raul Gonzales played 16 years for real Madrid ,in those years Real Madrid have had 17 coaches, so you get the picture clearly.

Where will real Madrid practice?

Real Madrid's training centre is located at Ciudad Real Madrid in Valdebebas (Madrid).

What city does Real Madrid represent?

Real Madrid represent Madrid, Spain.

Why f Torres doesn't want to play for real Madrid?

Athletico Madrid is the favourite club of Torres. So, Ath Madrid is local rival of real. That's why Torres doesn't want to play for real

Played in the premiership then real Madrid?

Nine I can think of straight away: Steve McMananan - Liverpool - Real Madrid David Beckham - Manchester United - Real Madrid Julian Faubert - West Ham - Real Madrid Michael Owen - Liverpool - Real Madrid Gabriel Heinze - Manchester United - Real Madrid Jonathan Woodgate - Leeds - Real Madrid Lasana Diarra - Portsmouth - Real Madrid Arjen Robben - Chelsea - Real Madrid Jose Antonio Reyes - Arsenal - Real Madrid

Who is the best Barcelona or real Madrid?

Real Madrid

Is kaka going to real Madrid?

It is Real Madrid.