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The reason is because the Packers were named after the company that packed their jerseys, uniforms and also packed cheese. This company operates out of Green Bay that is why they are called the Green Bay Packers.

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Q: Why are packers fans called cheeseheads?
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Why are canadians called cheeseheads?

Green Bay Packers fans and people from Wisconsin are commonly referred to as Cheeseheads. This nickname comes from the large production of Wisconsin cheese.

Packer fans are referred as?

Cheeseheads Packer Backers (old)

What are the green bay packer's fan's commonly called?


What is a Wisconsin cheesehead?

A "cheesehead" is someone who is a fan of the Green Bay Packers. Since Wisconsin is the cheese state and many of the bigger farms are in or near Green Bay, we are considered the cheeseheads. You will see many people wearing cheesehats at Packer games. If you go to a Wisconsin store you can also find cheese colsters, toys, hats, and more goodies involving cheeseheads or the Packers.

What is the state is known for producing cheese?

Wisconsin is because of the packers fans in the NFL. They're known as "cheeseheads". Switzerland is also a good producer of cheese. they suprisingly are the makers of Swiss cheese.

What is the Green Bay nickname and what does it mean?

Its a penis, and it means they're gay. I.E. Aron Rogers loves penis.

Do packer fans own the packers?


What number of fans does Green Bay Packers have?


What are Wisconsin people called?

American people call them cheese headsPeople in Wisconsin call themselves cheddar heads.ORAwesome.If that doesn't suit you, try Wisconsinites.

What is the nickname for wisconsinites?


Why did the Green Bay Packers not reinstate cheerleaders?

Because of the fans indifference!

What NFL team has the meanest fans?

GREEN BAY PACKERS. they are some of the meanest and outrageous fans in the NFL. it is a proven fact around the league that clearly the Packers have the worst track record when it comes to sportsmanship.