Why are naval gunner helmets so large?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: Why are naval gunner helmets so large?
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Why don't the leaders of squads using gas masks wear helmets?

Not all gas masks are compatible with helmets, so some soldiers forgo helmets to wear their masks.

How many motorcycle deaths to not wearing helmets in Texas?

There will be a so many members 2 death a not a wearing helmets in texas

Who invented the dive helmets for the movie the ABYSS?

I Remember watching the making of the Abyss on a special Dvd, and I believe they showed how Kirby Morgan, (The Company that Revolutionized Commercial Diving Helmets) Created working helmets for the divers in the movie. Real Commercial Diving helmets have a large viewport for the diver to see out of, but you cannot see inside because of the way it is designed, so they modified it to have a huge Lexan front for the movie and lights inside so the actors faces were visible for the movie, but still looked like a rugged work helmet. They also said that the helmets were fitted with an effortless regulator for breathing, instead of the demand regulators on real work helmets which are a little labouring when working hard... Hoped that helped! Check out Kirby Morgan Dive Helmets to see pic's of real Diving Hard hats

What is a group name for naval ships?

There are several names for smaller numbers of naval ships (squadron, or naval squadron, division, flotilla, task force, carrier battle group, and so on.The main collective noun for a large group of naval ships is a fleet.

Are US military pilot helmets tested in the same way as consumer motorcycle helmets and if so where can these results be obtained?

They are tested differently, they do different jobs. Pilot helmets are not necessarily expected to slide 100 yards on tarmac

Is it hard to be an aerial gunner in the air force and if so which jobs should I get I only have a high school degree?

If you do get Aerial Gunner this is your training and assignments: from mechanical area jobs you qualify for, that have a Tech School.

Are bicycle helmets required in TV ads?

If the adverts are filmed in an area where helmets are not required, then no. The area could be closed roads or private property within an area that does require helmets, and depending on the regulations this may make the helmets unnecessary. However, some advertisers would not want to create the impression that they are breaching rules, so may follow regulations despiteno being required to do so.

Are NFL helmets painted for each game?

No the pictures are decals. Each player has two helmets per game so they can change them out if need be during the game.

Did German officers of World War 2 wear helmets?

not all the time they only wore helmets in combat but they were hardly ever in combat so yes they did

Why does the apache helicopter carries two people?

One is the 'gunner' so the pilot can concentrate on flying.

Are landscape contractors required to wear helmets?

Lanscape contractors are not required to wear helmets. However, many do elect to do so when working on projects wear their head is exposed.

Why are there vents in cycle helmets?

To allow for cooling, so the head does not get too hot.