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• last longer

• use fewer balls

• less materials or save resources

• less manufactured

accept less factories

• less energy

• less fuel

• less pollution / greenhouse effect / global warming

• less waste

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2021-03-27 22:26:45
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2012-03-31 11:32:20

less tennis balls need to be made


tennis ball last longer

or less materials/ resources/fuel used up/saves resources accept saving materials

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Q: Why are nanocoated tennis balls good for the environment?
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Can ferrets chew on tennis balls?

No, the rubber compound is not good for them. Tennis balls are toxic for any animals.

What colour are tennis balls?

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What does it mean when tennis balls are falling from the sky?

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What was the origionasl shape os the tennis ball?

It was a sphere, same as now. However, originally, tennis balls were filled with sawdust, sand, chalk, or dirt. Then, Louis XI of France declared that all tennis balls be made of good leather and well-stuffed with wool.

What is the history of the tennis ball?

Early forms of tennis balls date back to 1480, when king Louis XI of France wanted them to be made of good leather and stuffed with wool.

Have dogs died from chewing tennis balls?

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Equipment for tennis?

All you need is: Tennis balls (one or more - usually 3 is good) A Tennis Racket A Tennis court (with proper measures, marks and net) A partner - or 3 if you want to play doubles :)

How much does tennis cost to play?

you have to get some tennis balls from the store and it will cost $18 bucks a bag for the good ones and for a tennis racket $75 for a ok one The cost depends by where you are playing. If it is a relatively nice tennis club it would be more. But if you go to a park district it is free.

What are some good gift ideas for a beginner tennis player?

A new tennis player can use a racquet, a sleeve of tennis balls, a gift certificate for some lessons, a tennis outfit, and more. Even some rented time on a court with an opponent to practice and play is a great idea!

How good are border collies with kids?

yes border collies are great with kids, they love to have tons of squeaky toys and tennis balls.

Why is tennis a good sport to play?

Sport is good .. Tennis is a sport .. so tennis is a good sport to play?

What can one buy from Ektelon?

Ektelon is a specialist in tennis equipment. They sell rackets, balls, shoes and other related equipment. Their products are sold in all good sports shops and via tennis pros at clubs.

Which brand of tennis balls bounces the best?

penn, Wilson, dunlop and gamma all bounce good, but I would say that penn bounces the best

What are the basics for all good ground tennis strokes?

My tennis tutor taught me to keep the racket face vertical and go through the hit as though you are hitting 4 balls. At the start, the middle, the actual ball and the follow through.

Five children share 27 tennis balls equally how many balls they have?

Each child gets five intact tennis balls to play with.The last two tennis balls are cut up in five pieces. Each child gets an additional 0.4 of a ball,which does nobody any good.

What are good tennis mangas?

Prince of Tennis!

Are Reebok's good tennis shoes for volleyball?

Yes, most tennis shoes are good for volleyball.

What do you have to do to get noticed for a tennis scout to seek you?

Be good at playing tennis.

What is the best quality table tennis ball?

The Nittaku 3 star ball was generally considered the best ball in the world until ball size increased in the year 2001. Since then quality of balls has been generally lower. Nittaku Butterfly and Stiga 3 star balls all have good repuations. Over 2/3rds of the worlds table tennis balls are made in the DHS factory in China and DHS 3 star balls are also high quality. Slazenger.

Are there such things as waterproof tennis balls?

Water doesn't enter any tennis ball that's in good condition and hasn't been punctured, so in that sense, every undamaged tennis ball is waterproof. But the fuzz on the outside can sure get soaked. I have made a waterproof tennis ball that makes even the fuzz keep dry. It is pure awesome.

Why is tennis good?

Tennis is one of most widespread forms of recreation on our planet. I read that only in the U.S. about 30 million people plays recreational tennis. Conclusion, tennis is good for mental and physical health.

What is tennis good for?

tennis is good for your health and u have a laugh it helps your hand, eye coordination .

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no because she was already good at tennis

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