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One common reason for the gears sticking is incorect oil type, motorcycles have wet clutch and specific motorcycle oil must be used, otherwise the clutch drags and gears are hard to shift.Aside from any major problems with the transmission itself, is your clutch working properly? Is it set correctly and fully disengaged when it is not being used. I would start here. You may need new plates in your clutch itself.

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Q: Why are my gears sticking on my motorcycle?
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How many gears are there in a motorcycle?

6 gears and neutral.

How meany gears are on a motorcycle?


How many gears does a 1990 750 Yamaha virago motorcycle Have?

It has 5 gears mine has 6 gears

How many gears does a motorcycle have?

It depends on the bike if the engine of bike is heavy it has more gears. Usually 5 gears are max gears.

Are there gears in a motorcycle?

Depending on the bike yes most adult sized bikes have gears

Where are gears located in a motorcycle?

The left leg shift.

What does mouth zipper and gears have in common?

they all have stuff sticking out of them

Is driving a car similar to riding a motorcycle?

No a motorcycle is way harder different gears and stuff so a car is easier

Can you down shift on motorcycles?

Yes motorcycle gears will shift up and down.

How do you switch gears on a motorcycle with 4 gears?

One gear at a time Use the clutch, push up or down on the foot shift lever.

How do you change gears in a T-Rex motorcycle?

you have to take apart the motor completely

What is a 4 speed?

A manual transmission with 4 forward gears in either a car or a motorcycle

Do you need to use the clutch when changing gears on a motorcycle at high speed?

The only time you need to use a clutch on a motorcycle is when shifting into First, You aren't going to do any more damage to the gears than if you used the clutch. Its designed to work that way.

How many shift gears is on a kawasaki 125cc crusier motorcycle?

the kawasaki 125 has 5 speed

At what RPM should you change gears on a motorcycle?

Depends on the torque of the motorcycle and the road conditions. Generally, don't let the engine labour and don't make the engine scream.

Why is your 96 accord revving while shifting gears?

if it is automatic the transmission could be slipping if manual the throttle could be sticking

How do you make motorcycle top speed faster?

depends on the motorcycle, i know the CVT transmissions can have different final drive gears installed for more top end but the acceleration from a stop will be less.

Is it safe to up shift two gears at the time on a motorcycle?

Yes, providing you are not going to stall out when you release the clutch.

Can a motbike have 18 gears?

I can't really know what you mean by "motbike", but I'm guessing you mean "motorcycle", an engine powered two-wheeled vehicle. In which case I've never heard of a motorcycle with 18 gears. If you're stubborn enough you could certainly build one, but it'd wouldn't be an improvement. Or maybe you mean "mountainbike", human-powered pushbike. In which case it can certainly have 18 gears, or even more.

What causes gears to stick in a car?

Either the transmission needs an oil and filter change/ additive to it(some mixture they sell at walmart to prevent sticking gears). Or the transmission is going bad. might need a new one

Under international rules of speedway what is the maximum number of gears allowed on a motorcycle?

Zero. None. Enough to go forwards and that's it.

Is the motorcycle drivers test easier than the cars one?

it is harder because you have to know how to both drive a car and a motorcycle. for the test You have to have good balance, learn to shift gears, be able to compensate for quick turns, heavy loads, etc. You have to have more awareness while riding a motorcycle.

Does stalling a motorcycle hurt it at all?

Yes, there will be strain on the bearings and the gears freezes that piston walls may be scratched especially on older bikes.

Why Does My bike Vibrate when i don't change gears?

If this is about a motorcycle, then the answer is that the engine can only deliver power smoothly in a limited range of RPM. If you don't change gears according to the speed you're going at, the engine will fall out of that range and begin to act up.

Is there a transmission in a motorcycle?

Yes there is, otherwise it would not be able to drive. The transmission is the gears, the chain and the sprocket. Some motorcycles have a drive shaft instead of a chain.