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Because whenever football players hits their heads on the ground their bottom teeth go up in their top teeth

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Q: Why are mouth guards worn on the top teeth instead of the bottom?
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How do mouth guards work?

they protect your teeth

Who made mouth guards?

Mouth guards are made of durable plastic - and they line the top set of teeth - NOT to keep the teeth from being knocked out - you can still have a tooth knocked out with mouth guard - but instead - a mouth guard stops the lower mandable (jaw bone) from being rammed int the upper mandable - hard enough to cause a knockout. However you STILL can be knocked out with a mouth guard - as most boxers know. It is also used sothat teeth do NOT break against each other - when you are hit from below the lower mandable - going up. Mouth guards were originally made by/for boxers!

What do mouth guards stop?

They stop the teeth from chipping each other.

Why are mouth guards used?

To protect your teeth and prevent you from biting your tongue.

When did mouth guards in NHL become mandatory?

Mouth guards are not mandatory in the NHL, but they are highly recommended because they protect your teeth and also soften blows to the head.

Are the molars located in the bottom of your mouth?

The last bottom and top teeth in your mouth are your molars

Do cows have teeth on top and bottom of mouth?

No. Only the bottom, in the front.

What are some of the top mouth guards for stopping teeth grinding?

Some top mouth guards for stopping teeth grinding include those from TeethNightGuard, GrindGuardN, Pro Teeth, Night Guard Lab and Sporting Smiles. Some of these are custom-made and are for different levels of the severity of the problem.

Which teeth are considered front teeth?

The first four teeth on the top of your mouth and the first four teeth on the bottom.

Do reindeer have top teeth?

No they do not. They have a set of bottom teeth, on the top of the mouth is a bony plate.

What Mouth guards protect what part of the body from blows sustained during physical activity?

teeth,jaw,mouth all of the above

Do turtles and tortuses have teeth?

Sea turtles and tortoises do not have teeth. Instead, they have a beaklike mouth.

Are there any teeth on the bottom jaw of a frog?

no there are simply no teeth wat so ever at the bottom of the mouth of the frog. There iz teeth on the top of the frogs mouth but it is completely useless since they use there eye balls to swallow their food.:)

How many teeth are in a childrens mouth?

20 'baby' teeth. 10 on top, 10 on the bottom.

What are the two front teeth on the top and bottom of your mouth called?

They are called "incisors". The 4 front teeth in your upper part of the mouth are incisors, and the 4 front teeth in the lower part of your mouth are incisors, too.

What is the purpose of a jawbone?

The jawbone keeps your mouth together without it we would not have a full mouth our jaws (bottom part of our mouth the thing that is connected to our bottom teeth) would be on the floor.

Mouth guards protect what part of the body from blows sustained during physical activity?

teeth,jaw,mouth all of the above

How many teeth do triceratops have?

Instead of a mouth with teeth, Triceratops had a large, bony beak similar to a birds.

Number of adult canine teeth?

There are two on top and two on the bottom part of the mouth, so four total. There are four canine teeth in the adult mouth.

Do llamas bite you?

There are some llamas that like to chew on you, but it will not hurt you because they only have teeth on the bottom of their mouth. Males do have sharp fighting teeth in the back of their mouth.

How many teeth are in a 10 year olds mouth?

your suppose to have 28 teeth if you have only 24 teeth you are missing 2 teeth at the top and 2 teeth at the bottom

Do rugby league players wear mouth guards?

You don't have to, it's not a rule. but many player do, to protect their teeth.

What are some of the different kinds of teeth grinding guards?

There are several different types of teeth grinding guards. Some of the different types of teeth grinding guards are: guards worn during sleep, and guards worn while playing sports.

How many teeth do kids lose on the bottom row of their mouth?

all of them apart from molars

How many teeth on bottom mouth?

16 when adult / teen, not sure how many when baby