Why are men quicker than women?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Men are quicker than women because men have more muscle.

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Q: Why are men quicker than women?
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Who has a quicker reaction time boys or girls?

men have actually been proven to have slightly quicker reaction times than women

Why can women smell things better than men can?

By experimentation it would seem so. This is borne out by experiments where women are able to distinguish certain smells, such as burning, much quicker than men.

Who has better memory men or women?

It seems that women manage to organize familiy histories, museums, etc. better than men, most of the time. Maybe men just burn out quicker.

Is the amount of water needed different for men and women?

yes men have to have more because they burn it off quicker.

Are the population of men more than women?

Their are more women than men :)

What ideas would not be appropriate for an essay comparing men with women?

Women are better than men.

How men and women react in different situation?

Men are good in the physical type than women. Women are more intelligent than men

What is true about woman in the workforce in the early 1960s?

Women had fewer job opportunities than men did in the 1960s.

Why do men run faster than women?

The men's body is actually built stronger than the women. It is also easier for men to gain muscle than women.

Do women drink more wine than men?

Men drink more than women but when they do drink men tend to prefer beer and women wine. So, yes, women drink more wine than men.

Do women have better dexterity than men?

According to scientific studies, women do have better dexterity than men do. This is because women have better sensory-motor coordination than men.

Why diabetes is more prevalent in men than women?

Diabetes is more prevalent in men than women because men develop diabetes at a lower body mass index than women of the same age. Researchers have theories than men are less sensitive to insulin than women.