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there was a guy who ran the marathon at the battle of marathon and so it was created

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Q: Why are marathons 26 miles long and why is a marathon called a marathon?
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How long is the Berlin marathon?

All official marathons are the samelength, 26.2 miles.

How long is the New York City marathon?

all official Marathons are 26.2 miles

How long is the women's marathon?

All marathons are competed over a course that is 26.2 miles in length.

How long does it take to drive the Boston Marathon?

Marathons are 26 miles long. If you average 26 mph, you'll make it in an hour.

How long is a bike marathon?

Bike marathons have no set distance, like a running marathon (26.2 miles) There are set distances, such as a century (100miles) or half century (50 miles) But a bike marathon, is usually a distance set by whoever is running it.

Why is the Boston Marathon 26.2 miles long?

It's 26.2 miles long because that's how long a marathon is that's why it's called the Boston Marathon.

How many miles is the Boston Marathon?

Marathon Distance.All marathons are 26.2 miles (26 miles and 385 yards) or 42.195 kilometers. The difference between the various marathon courses comes in their terrain, rather than their distance, ranging from extremely fast, flat courses such as Chicago to more challenging, hilly courses such as Boston.The Boston Marathon is 26.2 miles long.

How long is a 8k marathon?

8k is 5 miles and is not considered a marathon. The traditional distance used for a marathon 26 miles 385 yds or 42.2 km. Typically the only other race with a defined standard distance, that uses the word marathon, is a half-marathon run over 13.1 miles, although there are extreme or ultra marathons can be run over hundreds or thousands of kilometres.

How long are marathons in West Virginia?

The same as marathons anywhere else: 26.2 miles.

When did marathons begin?

Assuming you mean long distance running marathons, the marathon was one of the original modern Olympic events that took place in 1896.

Are there any marathons today?

there are marathon races almost all summer long across the world.

What does marathons mean?

Marathons is plural for marathon, which refers to a running race that is about 26 miles (42 kilometers) long. It also refers to something that lasts an extremely long time or requires great effort, such as an event or activity, or a contest in which people compete with each other to find out who can do something the longest amount of time

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