Why are leafs water?

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: Why are leafs water?
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What is the function of a leafs cuticle?

A leafs cuticle is a waxy covering used to retain water

What are broad leafs?

Broad leafs are plants with broad leaves. These leaves capture water, so the plants have extra water on hand for when water is scarce.

How does water get out of a plant?

Water can get out by transpiration through the leafs stomata.

What is the main thing leafs do?

Hold in water

What is the process that releases water from leafs?


What substance is transported from the leafs to the roots?


Do grass hopper need water?

Yes, they do!

Two celery stalks are placed in red water one with leafs and one without predict which celery stalk will show the greatest movement of water?

the one without leafs

What substances pass through a leafs stomata?

Oxygen and Water (in the form of vapor)

Is the function of a leafs stomata?

To exchange water with the air -Gradpoint/Novanet

What is a leafs cuticle?

It controls water loss.It is adaptation to land enviroment.

What is a function of a leafs stomata?

To exchange water with the air -Gradpoint/Novanet