Why are gymnasts thin?

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They are usually thin because competative gymnasts train very hard. Most high level gymnast train from 16-24 hours a week. This of coarse keeps them in good shape. There are also plenty of full figured gymnasts in the world as well, but their intense training is the main reason you see so many thin gymnasts.

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Q: Why are gymnasts thin?
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How do Chinese gymnasts stay so skinny?

Chinese gymnasts stay very thin because they are always exercising. Chinese gymnasts also eat very well balanced and healthy diets.

How wide is a balance beam for gymnasts?

4 inches. It barely shows on the outside of the foot when you are standing on it. It is a thin piece of wood, the stuff that gymnasts do on there is not only amazing, but truly unbelievable.

How many gymnasts are in America?

how many gymnasts are in the world?

Are most gymnasts anerexic?

While I can't say that none are anorexic most are thin because they burn quite a few calories with the gymnastic routines that they do.

Do gymnasts shave their armpits?

Yes, gymnasts do shave their armpits.

How many gymnast?

There are tons of gymnasts all over the world. Actually there are about thalf the amount of male gymnasts as there are women gymnasts.

How old are gymnasts?

gymnasts can be any age, but most gymnasts that get really good started when they were very young, sometimes only 3 years old. many gymnasts start around age 5, but there are gymnasts who don't start until 8. to be in the olympics, gymnasts must be fifteen or sixteen at least.

Do Chinese gymnasts use grips?

all gymnasts use grips

What is a gymnasts outfit called?

For female gymnasts, it is called a gymsuit, a bodysuit or a leotard.

Who are the women gymnast in the Olympics 2010?

There were no gymnasts in 2010. Gymnasts are in the summer olypics.

Why Do Gymnasts need Math?

Gymnasts need math because math is in are everyday life, and when gymnasts are in their late 20s it is time for us to retire and to get a job.

What is the possessive form of gymnasts?

The possessive form for the plural noun gymnasts is gymansts'.Example: The trainer has an office in the gymnasts' locker room.

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