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Girls and boys are equals - one is in no way generally better behaved than the other. So, girls are not better behaved than boys. And boys are not better behaved than girls.

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Q: Why are girls better behaved than boys?
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Are girls more behaved than boys?

Girls are just as likely as boys to misbehave, though possibly girls try to be more subtle in their misdeeds than boys...

Do girls better than boys yes girls are better than boys?

answerno boys are not better than girls because girls are smarter than the boys(noooooo!!!!)

Who is better at spelling boys or girls?

Girls are better than boys because they developoed faster than the boys did

Give an exmple of sexism?

Boys are better than Girls and Girls are better than Boys.

Why boys aren't better than girls?

Boys are better than girls. Girls are better than boys. Each has its strong points and weaK points. Boys generally make better fathers and girls generally make better mothers.

Are girls better at math than boys?

based on the study boys are better mathematicians than girls

Who is the strongest boys or girls?

boys their even better than girls

Do girls have better interpersonal skills than boys?

yes, all girls by nature are better than boys.

Are boys better at everything and girls are not?

There are some things that boys tend to be better at than girls, and some things that girls tend to be better at than boys. Viva la difference!

Are boys better in studies than girls?

no girls are better sdudents

Are boys better than girls or the other way around?

Ofcourse girls are better than boys. There is no doubt in it. Right girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay, go girls. I bet boys agree with that.

Why do you think girls are better than boys?

Girls aren't better than boys just as boys aren't better than girls. Both are different from the other in many ways that compliment each other.

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