Why are giant turtles endangered?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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yes they are very endangered because they crap in peoples yards and they kill them they

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Q: Why are giant turtles endangered?
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Are any turtles on the endangered list?

Turtles aren't endangered but Tortoises are endangered.

Can you name any other endangered animals?

sea turtles, narwhal whale, hawaiin monk seal, manatee, giant panda

Are sea green turtles endangered?

Yes They are endangeredYes it is. It's one of the 7 turtles found in Australian waters, and sadly it is endangered. TURTLES ROCK!!!

Are turltes endangered?

There are turtles that are endangered, but they are not entirely endangered or threatened as a species.

Are Painted Turtles an endangered spiecies?

no they are not - Actually, some populations of Painted Turtles are endangered. The coastal population of Western Painted Turtles are endangered in Canada (listed as "endangered" by COSEWIC). Other populations are threatened or of special concern.

When were turtles listed as endangered?

There are 86 species of turtles listed as endangered, all of which were added in different years.

Giant turtles on what South American island?

Giant turtles are found on the Galapagos Islands.

Are turtles endangoured?

No they are not endangered except green sea turtles

Marine turtles are?

most turtles in the sea are endangered, yes

What South American islands are giant turtles found?

Giant turtles can be found on the Galapagos Islands.

Are anteaters endangered?

the giant anteater is endangered

Is the giant tortoise endangered?

they are really endangered