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So the have better traction

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Q: Why are different kinds of cleats used for different sports?
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Are NFL cleats metal?

Players can wear metal tipped cleats, plastic tipped cleats, or rubber cleats. Generally, rubber cleats are used when playing on artificial turf and are round. Cleats used outdoors are detachable and can be replaced with a different type or length depending on the playing conditions.

Can lacrosse cleats be used in other sports?

yes. any cleat used in sports played on grass (football, soccer, field hockey,etc) can be interchanged

What is the relationship between cleats and shoes?

They both are worn on your feet, one is used for sports such as soccer though.

What words that are related to sports that start with letter c?

Carts are golf sports equipment. Cleats are football equipment used in football, baseball and soccer.

Where are cleats and cam cleats used in real life In technology.?

they are used in sailing equipment

What are the different kinds of power?

what is Power Definition and its different kinds used in distribution channel

Can you use soccer cleats for lacrosse?

No but American football cleats can be used for lacrosse

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The pooper scale is used to form different kinds of rocks.

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Yes, there are many different kinds of billing software. Many different kinds are used even within the same industry.

Can lacrosse cleats be used for football?


Are baseball cleats the same as football cleats?

No there is a difference between baseball cleats and football cleats. Football cleats are used for traction and are screw in type, where as baseball cleats are not they are put there for keeps they also are longer in size. here is a site that explains what I am saying but better

Can soccer cleats be used for softball?

No, softball cleats cannot have metal bottoms only rubber.

Why cleats are used in football?

The basic function for cleats in football is for the player to get better traction on the grass.

Which cleats are for grass?

All cleats are used for all types of terrain when playing any sport.

How many different kinds of paint are there?

Three different kinds of paints are generally used by artists, these are Watercolours, Oils and Acrylics.

Can soccer cleats be used for football?


Can football cleats be used for soccer?


How do you remove grass stains from white cleats?

I have white cleats, and I needed to exchange them for a different size, so I used wet wipes for the cleats, and a mixture of Clorox and Dish soap for the hard to reach places such as the stitching. It works really good, but if you can try and treat them right away.

Can you wear plastic baseball cleats to play football?

Football cleats are heavier and more supportive, whereas baseball cleats are lighter. Baseball cleats can use metal spikes, while those are not used for football cleats. Studs on baseball cleats tend to have the same length, while for football cleats, the length varies. :D your welcome !

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thermometers. there are many kinds used.

Can lacrosse cleats be used for baseball?

Depends on the league.

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sport terminology

Do I need different track shoes and cleats for different track events?

Yes, you will need different track shoes and cleats/spikes for different events. The number of spikes, the pattern of spikes and the length of the spikes differs for sprinters, long distance runners and jumpers. If spikes are not used for running the shoes are still different. And throwing shoes do not have spikes and have a smooth sole.