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It could hurt someone.

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Q: Why are checking from behind penalties given a 2 minute penalty and a 10 minute misconduct?
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How long is a hitting from behind penalty in hockey?

it is a 2 minute penalty plus a 10 minute game misconduct the checking player has to serve 10 minutes which does NOT result in a power play another player on the team must serve the 2 minute penalty and it IS a power play

What are hockey penalty?

Boarding Charging Checking from Behind Cross-Checking Delayed Penalty Elbowing Fighting High Sticking Holding Hooking Interference Penalty Shot Slashing Spearing Tripping

In the NHL is checking from behind a penalty?

Yes although it is not often seen or called.

How many penalties are there for hockey?

There are the minor penalties which are Tripping, Slashing, Interference, , Delay of game, Cross-Checking, Spearing, Throwing The Stick, Holding The Stick, Holding, Roughing, Clipping, Goalie Interference, Elbowing, Kneeing, High-Sticking and Hooking. There are also the Major penalties which are Fighting, Hit from behind, Boarding, Intent to injure, Misconduct, Charging and Kicking

What is the penalty called for pushing from behind in football?

This penalty is called "Clipping".

Can an opposing hockey player interfere with the goalie?

Its a very touchy subject i recently played in a tournament and went behind the net to get the puck and checked a player resulting in a injury . they didnt know what to call. i was assesed a major and game misconduct for boarding . im guessing if the player wasnt hurt it would be okay.

What does hfbh mean hockey penalty?

It means hit from behind.

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When are hockey penalties offsetting - sometimes they play 4 on 4 and sometimes it's 5 on 5 - what is the rule that deviates this?

If there is a penalty that involves taking one player to the box(slashing,hit from behind, tripping exc.) When its a 4 on 4 that means both team got a penalty at different times in the game. When it's a 5 on 5 and there was a penalty called that means it was most likely for fighting, when two players are sent to the box and you can still roll your entire 5 person line

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