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you can break your fingers or knuckles then you will have blood rushing or slowing

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To protect theır knuckles from extra damage.

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so they can eat big macs

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Q: Why are boxing gloves taped around the wrists?
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All About Boxing Gloves?

Boxing gloves help protect your hands while you box, whether you are punching a heavy bag or fighting in a real match. There are a number of different styles of boxing gloves on the market, and the type that is best for you depends on when and how often you plan to use them. Boxing gloves differ in their construction, the materials used to make them, their size and weight, and so on. Most boxing gloves are made from leather. The boxing gloves worn by professional fighters are made from this material, so a good high-quality leather is the way to go if you can afford it. Leather protects your hands without slowing them down better than any material. When choosing among the various styles of boxing gloves, consider whether you plan to use them in a boxing match or simply for practice. If you plan to use them in a match, you should look for a pair that can be laced up. Lace-up gloves fit securely on your hands and will never come off, particularly when they are taped up. You will need the help of a partner to put on and take off lace-up gloves, however, so they are not suitable if you plan to box on your own. Boxing gloves designed for a match are generally smaller than other boxing gloves, making them more lightweight. Be sure to check the rules of your boxing league to make sure your gloves meet the regulations. Gloves that weigh eight or 10 ounces are standard. If you plan to hit a heavy bag or do other boxing work on your own, you will need a pair of gloves that have Velcro instead of laces. Veclro gloves aren't as secure as lace-up gloves, but you will be able to put them on yourself. Boxing gloves designed for hitting a heavy bag are larger and have more padding than match gloves since safety, not speed, is the primary objective. These boxing gloves almost always have a thumb attachment to aid in preventing injury. Regardless of the boxing gloves you wear, be sure to wrap your hands.

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