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Because a Basketball court is much small than a football field

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Q: Why are basketball arenas so much smaller than football stadiums?
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Where did they hold gladiator fights?

In huge arenas similar to that of modern day football stadiums on a smaller scale.

Does Arkansas have any big arenas or stadiums?


What has the author David C Petersen written?

David C. Petersen has written: 'Convention centers, stadiums, and arenas' -- subject(s): Stadiums, Convention facilities, Arenas

What is the nameof aplace where an umpire works?

An umpire works in Baseball Arenas, Stadiums, and Fields.

How has motocross progressed over the years?

Once Motocross became popular, always outdoors, it migrated to stadiums which became Supercross, and for smaller stadiums or arenas, it became arena-cross, which are two different motocross venues. So you have, outdoor motocross, supercross, and arena cross.

How many stadiums are in the NHL?

there are 30 arenas that NHL teams play in right now but there use to be other arenas for old teams or the team got a new arena

Where do professional sports events take place?

Depends what sport, most take part in Stadiums or Arenas.

Where did Gilbert Arenas play college basketball?

Gilbert Arenas played college ball at the University of Arizona.

Why do cities build stadiums and arenas for professional sport teams with pubil money?

Because they are proud of their team, dude

What pro basketball player wore number 0?

Gilbert Arenas

Why are some basketball and hockey arenas in the same building?

its cheaper for the state

What is Vermont's sport team?

The state of Vermont does not have any official professional sports teams. Therefore this state also has no stadiums or arenas.

How is an arena defined?

In ancient Rome, an arena was the flat open space in the middle of an amphitheater for staging public events. Modern arenas still retain the basic structural designs of ancient Rome. They are usually smaller in seating capacity than stadiums but larger than theatres. They are usually completely enclosed spaces for hosting sports such as basketball, ice hockey, and wrestling.

Should i pick up Gilbert Arenas or Monta Ellis for my fantasy basketball team?

Monta Ellis because of the injury history of Arenas.

What are the largest capacity of ncaa basketball arenas?

Carrier Dome 33,000 Syracuse

Why do they have a hockey and basketball arenas in phoenix?

To sell a product in non-traditional markets

What National Basketball Association team whose home arenas are in Massachusetts?

Boston Celtics

Who is the best Punt Returner in college football?

Javier Arenas - University of Alabama

How big is the arena football field?

Depends, there are alot of arenas. The biggest is ANZ

What Alabama football player wore jersey number 28?

Javier Arenas

How many people does a basketball arena hold?

The amount of people that a basketball arena can hold depends on the arena, and typically the top teams historically can hold the most people. Teams such as Syracuse and Duke for example, can hold over 40,000 people, while other arenas are much smaller.

Is football is outdoor game?

Yes, nobody plays football in a gym or anyplace else besides the football field usally.

What is needed to host Olympics game?

you would need a good traffic system and a large space where the arenas/stadiums can be built. you would also need good tourist attraction's.

Who created the National Basketball Association?

It was founded on June 6,1946 as the BAA (Basketball Association of America) by owners of Hockey Arenas. It merged in 1949 with the NBL to form the NBA.

What is the average arena capacity for Division I basketball?

While some schools (Kentucky and Syracuse, among others) play in arenas that house over 20,000 spectators, most Division 1 teams play in arenas that seat 5,000-10,000 fans. Some smaller Division 1 schools may have home courts that barely hold 2,000.