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The purpose of a ball bearing is to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads. ... Because the balls are rolling they have a much lower coefficient of friction than if two flat surfaces were sliding against each other. ahahaha i just copied this from the internet :)

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Q: Why are ball bearings used with hubs of skateboard wheels?
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Does the 4x4 have hubs or wheel bearings?

the truck has hubs. 4x4 front wheel bearings are not serviceable.

What are automotive bearings?

Bearing are either at both ends of the engine or in the hubs behind your wheels. They make things roll smoother and more efficiently.,

How is friction small in the bottom bracket of a bike?

The bottom bracket where 3 frame arms meet is supplied with ball or roller bearings which are able to reduce friction very substantially. There are ball or roller bearings also in the gear changing mechanism, in the top and bottom of the "headstock", the front tube into which the handlebar fits, in the pedals, and in the hubs of both wheels.

What if you do not replace your wheel bearings?

Wheels run out of track, tyres overheat and blow out. Wheel hubs can self weld to the stub axle and snap off

How does a person grease the bearings of a 1984 mallard travel trailer?

The bearings of a 1984 Mallard travel trailer can be greased by jacking up the trailer and removing the wheel hubs to access the wheel bearings. Pack the bearings with the proper grease and replace the wheel hubs and tires.

1994 buick lesabre. noise from wheel when turning wheels left or right hits the limits?

Check your wheel bearings. Mine made a noise when turning right and had to replace the wheel bearings and hubs as they are all one unit on my 92.

Replacing wheel bearings on 1990 f150 4wd?

auto or manual hubs

How do you service warn hubs on 2000 Nissan Frontier?

Replace the hub bearings.

Are wheel bearings and wheel hubs the same thing?

No, the hub is the outer housing that the bearing sits in. Usually bearings have to be pressed in and out of the hub.

Can the bearings be replaced in the front hubs on a 2001 1500 dodge 4x4?

No, it is a sealed unit.

What is the difference in locking hubs and fixed?

difference between locking and fixed hubs is fixed hubs are driven the whole time this means that the axles and hubs turn as the wheels turn these are engaged at the transmission when needed locking hubs are free wheeling hubs, and when not locked the wheels will turn but the axles are not turning some have a switch inside cab to lock them, some you have to get out of vehicle and manuelly lock the hub at the hub these hubs when unlocked will not drive when transmission is engaged,

What are some of the type of products that TimKen offers?

Timken is a manufacturing company that produces ball bearings, industrial steel components, Wheel hubs and wheel assemblies and various parts for automobiles.

What is the vacuum hose for front disc brakes on 2000 f250 for?

Engages automatic locking hubs on for wheels drives with automatic hubs.

How do you replace front wheel bearing on a 1995 Prizm repacking them with grease?

Wheel bearings on 1995 Geo Prizms are sealed units and cannot be repacked with grease. You must buy new bearings to be pressed on hubs by mechanic with proper tools. If bearings are worn, replace ASAP before bearings start damaging hubs, you'll save bunches of money.

What is the part of the car where you bolt the wheels on?

The hubs basically. But usually you won't see the hubs, they'll be hidden by the brake rotors or brake drums.

Why has my 2005 Maxima had 3 wheel bearings go out in less than 65000 miles?

aftermarket wheels with incorrect offset, loose axle, driving on sand with bad bearing seals... There are probably many reasons such a thing can happen; I had a similar problem with my 1997 Nissan Maxima GLE: the front bearings (both sides) replaced three times within a year. The mechanics did not seem to know or even care why, but any one with a brain could figure something wasn't right. I changed mechanic. Thank God I found a mechanic that knew his stuff. He told me that my car needed to have new hubs installed with new bearings, because even if the bearings were seated properly on the old hubs they would wear down in short order. This, he said, was due to the the old hubs having wear. He was right. New hubs with new bearings solved my problem. Trust this information may help you.

The light for the 4wd comes on but the front wheels dont turn on your suzuki samurai?


Your four wheel drive on your 1995 ford f-250 diesel wont work?

did you get out of your vehicle and physically lock the hubs on the front wheels? there automatic locking hubs.

IS THERE A wheel bearing on 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

Yes there are bearings. The fronts are part of the hubs. The rears are in the end of the axle tubes.

Does a 1993 jeep grand Cherokee have grease fittings on the wheel bearings?

No, the front hubs are sealed units on a Grand Cherokee.

What patented feature makes Chris King hubs so special?

Chris King is a high quality brand that manufactures hubs for the wheels of cycles. The patented feature that distinguishes Chris King hubs is the 72 tooth engaging ring hub.

How do you turn on the 4x4 in a 1992 F150?

ok it should have lock in hubs so pull your 4x4 switch onto 4x4 high and get out and turn your hubs on both sides on your front wheels

How do you change hubs on a bmx bike?

There's usually not much point in changing hubs, as that requires tearing the wheels completely apart - spoke by spoke. and unless the flanges of the new hubs are within mm of the same size the old spokes won't fit. Often cheaper simply to buy new wheels. But if you insist: remove every spoke from the hub + rim , then lace up the new hubs to the old rim, tension and true.

How to Replace wheel bearings on Pathfinder suitcase?

Not sure about Pathfinder in general, but a lot of suitcases use standard 60-70mm inline skate wheels nowadays, which all have the same, removable ball-bearings (2 per wheel). I recently got a suitcase that was missing one of the ball bearings on one wheel. I replaced it by popping-out one of the bearings from an old pair of inline skates and putting this into the malfunctioning wheel. The bearings in the case had ~5mm standoff hubs, which I approximated by adding a couple of washers to the outside of the wheel. Removing bearings is a little fiddly - I just wedged a small flathead screwdriver against the inside edge of one bearing (i.e. insert screwdriver from the opposite side of the bearing you're removing). Then braced the driver handle against a table and pushed down on the wheel to easily pop-out the bearing. It now works fairly well (Certainly better than when it arrived).

Does a Ford F250 4X4 have locking hubs or is it shift on the fly?

I have a 2005 which does have locking hubs, but that is so you can lock your differential from slipping. If you're stuck on a hill with all 4 wheels spinning, lock the hubs and your gear ratio is far apart, your front wheels won't spin, and the front wheels will actually do the pulling. Whether yours has locking hubs depends on the year of F250. Later F250's, I believe beginning with the 1998 models, do have auto-locking / manual hubs. The later F250 hubs can be activated manually or electronically. When you electronically turn on the 4wd ("shift-on-the-fly"), you engage the transfer case, front drive shaft, and front axle shafts. Also, when you electronically turn on the 4wd you activate a vacuum solenoid, which provides a vacuum source to each of your front hubs to engage them. The front hubs only connect the front wheels to the front axle shafts and has nothing to do with the front axle differential, which is an open differential unless you have a differential other than the factory installed piece.