Why are WNBA salaries lower than NBA salaries?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The salaries in the WNBA are lower because the league has no fan support,no ticket sales revenue,no advertising dollars,and no tv contract worth crap. In essence the league loses money because of lack of interest. In the real business world the league would fold. The NBA subsidizes the WNBA so losses are offset. David Stern is showing his business acumen by keeping the nonsense afloat. The pay discrepancy has nothing to due with sexism, it is merely economics. The realityy is that they are overpaid for the profit that is generated.

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WNBA players do not make as much as NBA players because there is not as many revenue producing sponsors to market the league due to the fact that there are not nearly as many viewers who watch the WNBA as the NBA. The more people watch the sport, the more money advertisers will pay to market the sport, which means more exposure for the league and increased revenue from game attendance, jersey sales, community activities (etc.)

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The price of a WNBA ticket is lower because men are more athletic and therefore people want to see more action going on in a game.

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Q: Why are WNBA salaries lower than NBA salaries?
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