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The team originally consisted of Irish players living in London

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Q: Why are London Irish rugby team called Irish?
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Does London Irish rugby team play rugby league or rugby union?

rugby union

The name of rugby team with nickname the exiles?

London Irish.

What league does London Irish rugby team play in?

Aviva Premiership. England

What rugby team won the Guinness Premiership last year?

Leicester Tigers defeated London Irish to take the Guinness Premiership

What year did the Irish women's rugby team win the Grand Slam?

The Irish Women's Rugby team won the Grand Slam in 2013.

What are the nationalities of the modern London Irish Rugby team?

English New Zealand Romania Ireland Australia Argentina Wales Samoa Tonga

Which animal gives its name to the British Rugby team?

The team selected from the best of the UK and Ireland are called the British And Irish LIONS

What is a British and Irish rugby team?

I believe your referring to the British and Irish Lions

What is the song played when the Irish rugby team is announced?

The song played by the Irish rugby team is called "Irelands Call". It was composed by Phil Coulter. The Irish rugby team represents the two communitys of Ireland, nationalist and unionist, so an anthem was composed with the sensitivities of the two in mind. Although it has aroused debate, it is without doubt the best solution. It would be unfair to supporters of the Irish team that consider themselves British or Ulster-Scots to be represented by "Amhran n bhFiann".

Who is the highest scorer on the Irish rugby team?

Ronan O'Gara

Who is number nine on the English rugby union team?

number ten on the Irish Rugby team is Jonathen Sexton

What is the US rugby team called?

The USA national rugby team is called the Eagles.