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The Flames are red and gold like fire.

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Q: Why are Calgary hockey jerseys those colors?
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Why do the packers wear yellow pants with uniform?

There colors are yellow and green......there jerseys are green and pants yellow..because there colors are those colors.

Why do soccer goalies have such crazy colors and patterned jerseys--is it to confuse the person kicking the ball at them?

No I think the goalie's jerseys are those colors just so you can distinguish the difference between the other players and the goalie.

What products do HockeyGiant sell?

Some of the items sold on HockeyGiant consists of equipment used in the game of hockey. Some of those items are hockey pucks, hockey sticks, skates, gloves, hockey helments, protective wear, and jerseys and apparel.

Which Soccer Jersey?

soccer jerseys' colors are mostly picked by colors on the teams logo or flag (E.g. Spanish soccer team has two jerseys, one red and one yellow and those two colors are found of the flag & the Brazilian soccer team has colors yellow and blue and both are fond on the flag.............. and so on on most of the world soccer teams. :)

Why do the New York Yankees wear blue and gray?

Because those are the colors of their road uniforms. They wear gray jerseys with New York written across the front in navy blue.

Why did New York Giants wear green jerseys in one 2007 game?

They wore those green jerseys because it is called their "Throwback" jersey which the jerseys that they wore when the team first started.

How do you solve factorial related problems?

a coach has 10 players and jerseys numbered 1-10... how many ways can the coach distribute those jerseys?

What is bantam hockey?

Bantam hockey is for those aged 14 and younger.

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What are the top selling Major League Baseball jerseys?

Jerseys are the most selling MLB merchandise. The Giants jersey tops the list while the Yankees and Cardinals hold the second and the third number. As far as individual jerseys go, Posey tops the list, followed by Derek Jeter and Miguel Cabrera.

Where do you find a replica hockey jersey from the movie Mystery Alaska?

As of late September 2008, this link will be your answer: Hope that helps you fellow Mystery Alaska junkies! ~Carbomb~ March 17, 2009 Guys, visit from time to time, as we will do a limited production of those jerseys during the Summer. Cheers! Alex

Who chooses those who enter the Hockey Hall of Fame?

The Hockey Hall of Fame Selection Committee.