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Q: Why apeple grouped according to age in sports?
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How were slaves grouped?

according to age and sex

Which sports are people grouped by their age?

Football, BasketballWrestling, Weightlifting, and BoxingThey

How were slaves grouped-?

This question requires more detail. Slavery began in ancient times, therefore a nation and time period is needed to answer such a question.

How were slaves grouped d a. according to health b. according to race c. according to sex d. according to age?

b. Slaves were mainly classified according to race. They were often grouped based on their skin color and ethnicity, with different treatment and working conditions based on these racial distinctions.

Till what age do people have an interest in sports?

no age is fixed its sports junoon which matters not the age.

What are the categories by which data are grouped?

Data can be grouped or ungrouped. The categories data are grouped in depend on the data. For example, data collected about people could be grouped as male/female, by ages, or some other common characteristic. Data collected about dogs could be grouped by breed of dog, age, long hair/short hair, or size.

What age can you legally bet on sports?

At the age of 18

When is the retirement age for a sports agent?

Around the age of fifty

What is created when a number of people are grouped for health insurance purposes?

A risk pool is created when people are grouped together for insurance purposes. The cost of health care coverage is determined by health status, age, sex and occupation.

What are the release dates for This Is America Sports' Golden Age - 1948?

This Is America Sports' Golden Age - 1948 was released on: USA: 23 July 1948

Sports during the gilded age in the 1880s?

what kind of sports where around in the gilded age

Where can you get participation levels in sports by age group?

contact the university of Wisconsin, sports research center