Why am I so good at soccer and Harry so bad?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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Well, it's because Harry isn't fast enough. He lacks pace in strength which is vital in the inevitable part of soccer, scoring. If he made the Bill Turner Cup, he might have the pace to keep up with one of the more superior football players such as Lochlain Ryan or Liam Kulkarni. So in conclusion, Harry is bad at soccer due to a lack of pace. The disadvantages of being slow...

But, Harry has never really been given a fair chance to prove himself and no one has recommended him to Zlats, when Liam on the other hand got help from the lightweight president Nick Sullivan, and infact got him to refer him to play.

I for one believe harry does lack Speed, but he is one of the strongest players on the field after Piras, Sullivan, Valiotis, Monaha ect...

I also believe that the CAS top goalscorer (Luke) is the best and as he represents Carss Park Football Club, his talents will shine through and make the team stronger. His blinding pace and spectacular vision is what helps win games and I am glad that Harry didn't make the cut. It will be a big game for Liam as he is on debut but I have no doubt that he will fullfil the legacy of the trinity football fraternity and win the game.

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Q: Why am I so good at soccer and Harry so bad?
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