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Q: Why Tom Brady pick blue as his favorite color?
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What is the greatest color that you can pick for your favorite color?

your favorite color should be blue blue is the slightest and wonderful color of all all shades of blue such as sky blue are the best colors and or shades you can pick.

Pick Pink or blue for Nail polish?

Just go with your favorite color between blue and pink. There are even different colors just go with the color that bests brings out your inner beauty for your nails that is all!

How do you get latios and latias in FireRed?

First, you have to defeat the Pokemon league 10 times.Then, this guy in the Pokemon center at the Pokemon league will ask you what your favorite color is, red or blue. If you pick red you get Latias and if you pick blue you get Latios.

Why do they pick the color blue to illuminate the airport runways at night?

why do they pick th color blue to illuminate the airprot runways at night

How do you choose a favorite color?

you pick which wanna is cool.

How do you pick out a colour scheme for your bedroom?

Well all you do is just like if your favorite color is blue you can look up all the shades of blue and lower down your choice's till you make your final decision

What is Zendaya Coleman's favorite color?

her fav color is pinkeither blue, green, or pinkwell she said she really love so many color's that she cant decide but she had to pick purple.I asked her on twitter and she said "I really love so many colors!"If you want to follow her on twitter her account is @Zendaya96i would think its blue she said she likes a lot of other colors tooBluePinkher 2 favorite colors are green and blue

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green and white black and white black and red blue and pink orange and green blue and orange... It's better if you just pick your favorite colors though!

What is the color scheme for a 42 birthday?

You can pick whatever colors you like. Pick that person's favorite color or colors to decorate the party with.

What are Roc Royal Trey Young favorite things to do?

He loves to do flips and hang with his boys his fav color is black and blue he cant pick one so just picks both

What is Isaac's favorite sport?

his favorite color is brown and gold not black and pick!!!! so make the power point color brown and gold pleasseeee Kevin?

Why did New York pick the bluebird as there state bird?

The blue bird is the founder's favorite.