Why do modern Olympians receive medals instead of laurels?

Updated: 12/13/2022

Greek Olympians got laurels. We even still use the phrase, "Resting on your laurels," so why did they change to giving out medals?

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Q: Why do modern Olympians receive medals instead of laurels?
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What did the Olympians receive when they won an event?

they win medals

What kind of prizes do the Olympians get?

Winners of the Olympic games receive medals when they win an event. The first place winners always receive gold medals. The second place person or team will receive silver medals.

Do you have to pay taxes if you win an Olympic medal?

Yes, Olympians must pay taxes on their medals as of now. However, they also receive money for winning medals too. Currently Congress is debating whether Olympians should have to pay taxes.

Is there another word for awards?

laurels, honors, prizes, accolades, medals

What did they receive instead of medals during the anicent Olympics?

They got only an olive branch

What does win laurels mean?

The laurel wreath was often awarded to the overall champion like our medals these days.

How much tax does the American Olympians have to pay for their medals?


What fruit did early greek Olympians wear as medals?


Do Olympians pay taxes for gold in medals?

No they don't, it is simply a reward.

What do winners receive?

gold medals and silver and bronze medals

What fruit did early Greek Olympians eat for their health and sometimes even wear as medals?


What did the first Greek Olympians wear as medals for their Olympic achievements?

Ancient Olympians did not get medals. Only the winner got a prize, an olive wreath. At home, however, his victory would be handsomely rewarded with sums of money and/or gifts of goods, such as valuable vats of olive oil.