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Lester Hayes

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Q: Whose super bowl ring was found in a pawn shop?
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Whose super bowl ring was sold to a pawn broker in 1978?

Joe Namath

What are the release dates for Beverly Hills Pawn - 2013 Sinatra and the Super Bowl 3-7?

Beverly Hills Pawn - 2013 Sinatra and the Super Bowl 3-7 was released on: USA: 29 January 2014

What is the most valuable item at the gold and silver pawn shop?

2001 Super Bowl Ring

What is the most valueable Super Bowl ring in pawn stars shop?

2001 Patriots $70,000

What is the most expensive piece of jewelry in the pawn shop?

2001 New England Patriots Super Bowl ring

What did Lester Hayes sell his super bowl ring for?

No exact amount was ever detailed. Hayes pawned one of his two Super Bowl Rings for, as reports state, "several hundred dollars" in order to pay for emergency dental work. Hayes neglected to pay back the pawn loan and reclaim the ring. The pawn broker sold the ring in an online auction for $18,000.

Another name for a pawn shop?

(names of stores)ez pawn, super pawn, cash america, ect.

Approximately how much is the Super Bowl ring worth?

The true value of a Super Bowl ring should be priceless. If an athlete trained hard and earned that ring, no amount would be the right one. However, sometimes one gets into the hands of a pawn shop or sports memorabilia business, and the ring can fetch somewhere in the $20,000.00 range.

Do pawn stars have a patriots super bowl ring?

The United States TV show "Pawn Stores" did, indeed, buy a Super Bowl ring from a customer who was selling it. It may or may not still be in their inventory. The man selling the ring rejected their offer as he insisted in a much higher price. However, because it was not from a member of the team - let alone a player that saw action on the field - but rather from one of the many members of staff (everyone gets a ring), it was worth very little. The man did eventually return to the store and took their offer.

What time does any super pawn shop open in Las Vegas?

9am to 8pm

What item does the old man on Pawn Stars say was his most memoriable piece?

16th-century silver bowl from Peru

What player wore number 28 for the New England Patriots in 2001?

Brock Williams was #28 for the New England Patriots according to Super Bowl ring is at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas.