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1 - Bobby Doerr 4 - Joe Cronin 8 - Carl Yastrzemski 9 - Ted WIlliams 27 - Carlton Fisk 42 - Jackie Robinson

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Q: Whose retired Red Sox jerseys are 1 4 8 9 27 and 42?
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What is record of the Boston Red Sox wearing the red jerseys in 2005?

51-23.... This cannot be correct. There is no way that the Sox wore the red jerseys 74 times in 2005.

Why do the Boston Red Sox wear blue jerseys?

Most baseball teams today wear different combinations. The Red Sox have white jerseys, gray jerseys, blue jerseys and red jerseys (which they usually wear on Sundays and afternoons). Many teams have multiple cap styles, too.

Why do the Boston Red Sox occasionally wear green jerseys?

The Red Sox usually wear their red jerseys when they play afternoon games during Sunday games

His number was retired by both the White Sox and Red Sox?

Carlton Fisk #27 was retired for Fisk in Boston and #72 was retired for him in Chicago.

Where can you find pictures of Red Sox jerseys from 1900-2007?

google images

How do you get your number retired by the Boston Red Sox?

you rake

Why did the Red Sox wear green jerseys this year?

The Red Sox wear green uniforms on special occasions like St. Patrick's day.

How many MLB teams do not have cities on their jerseys?

The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and San Francisco Giants do not display their players' names on their home uniforms. While the Red Sox and Giants have their players' names on their away jerseys, the Yankees do not display them on their road jerseys.

Why do the Boston Red Sox occasionally wear green jerseys in April 2007?

It is a tribute to the Celtics and Red Auerbac.

How many times did the Red Sox wear green jerseys in 2009?

about 4 times a year

What are the numbers retired at Fenway park?

The Jersey numbers retired by the Boston Red Sox are, 1,4,8,9,27,42

Was the name Boston Red Stockings to long to fit on the jerseys?

No. Actually, there name was never the Red Stockings, only the Red Sox and Braves.