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The opponent's

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Q: Whose point is it in tennis if a ball hits an opponent while standing out of bounds?
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If you are trying to save the ball from going out of bounds and you throw the ball off of an opponent when he is out of bounds whose ball is it?

If the opponent has established position out of bounds (at least one foot on the floor) then the ball would still be yours. If the opponent is in the air and has not established position out of bounds the ball is still live.

Whose point is it when a player hits the net after hitting the ball into the opponent's court?

In tennis and volley-ball you lose the point if you touch the net while the ball is in play.

If a player tosses a ball to an opponents that's already out of bounds whose possession will it be?

who ever was the last person to touch the ball before it hits the floor out of bounds or if the person out of bounds catches it the other team gets it

Whose point is it if a serve in tennis hits a player on the receiving team?

If the serve hits the receiving player (or their partner, when playing doubles) before touching down out of bounds, the point is the servers. The exception is if the serve is a let. In that case the point is not awarded to wither team and the server reserves.

Whose name is associated with the opponent process theory?


IF a punt is touched by a member of the receiving team and it goes out of bounds after touching a member of the kicking team whose ball is it?

Receiving team. Unless the kicking team has complete control of the ball before it goes out of bounds.

Tennis player whose first name is Ivan?


In basketball if a player shoots and has it blocked then his momentum carries him out of bounds both feet out then the blocked shot lands on him whose ball is it?

The ball is considered dead when it touches the court out of bounds or touches a player that is out of bounds. In this case, the ball would go to the team that blocked the shot. Had the ball touched the court out of bounds before touching the player, the ball would go to the shooting team.

Do you replay the point in tennis if the opponent thinks it is out when it's actually in and you play on?

It is the oppenent's call if he/she thinks it is out. The most you can do is summon a line judge. Although, if the oppenet thinks it is out but does not call it and says it is out after the point, then that is the oppenet's fault for not calling it earlier. Depending on how that point ends, decides whose point it is

Whose name is associated with the opponent-process theory?


Who was the first one to play tennis?

We don't know who the first two people to play tennis were, but the first tennis player whose name we know is King Louis X of France.

What was the argument over Vermont?

Who did it belong to and whose claim on it had standing.

In Table tennis the ball is hit the ball is destined to go out and the opponent meets the ball inside the court on the volley whose point is it?

If the ball is struck by the receiver, having not yet bounced on their side and having not yet passed either the end lines or side lines, it is a lost point for the receiver.

Whose first and last name begins with A?

· Andre Agassi (tennis) · Alan Alda (actor) · Arthur Ashe (tennis)

What would happen if you assign a value to an element of an arry whose subscript exceeds the size of the array?

If you write beyond an array's bounds you incur undefined behaviour.

Who is the famous athlete whose name starts with letter s?

· Maria Sharapova (tennis)

Who is a famous athlete whose first name is Billy?

· Billy Jean King (tennis)

The tennis player whose father represented Iran twice in Olympic boxing.?

Andre agassi

As the old story says whose first words on Broadway were Tennis anyone?

Humphrey Bogart

Name a sport whose athletes wear hats?

Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Skiing

Whose initials are AA?

Arthur Ashe - tennis player Or it could be Andre Agassi.

Is there a famous athlete whose last name starts with N?

Joe Namath Rafael Nadal - Tennis

Who are celebrities whose last name begins with the letter W?

Virginia Wade (tennis), Paul Warfield (football), Jerry West (basketball), Serena Williams (tennis), Venus Williams (tennis), Tiger Woods (golfer) and James Worthy (basketball) are famous athletes.

Whose perspective does the painting The Tennis court Oath represent?

It is a pro Revolutionary depiction by Jaqcques Louis David.

Whose score do you call first in volleyball?

Yours then your opponents. It is the serving team's score first and then the opponent's score.