Whose player played both Cricket

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Arnie Sidebottom

Ian Botham

Ryan Sidebottom?

Jim Cumbes

Denis Compton - for Middx. and England at cricket; Arsenal at soccer.

Les Compton - for Middx. at cricket; Arsenal at soccer.

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Willie Watson made his debut for Huddersfield Town in midfield at 17 years old, and for Yorkshire II a year later.

He went on to play for Sunderland and helped the England beat Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales in 1949-50.

He then focused on cricket and, as part of the national team that beat Australia in the first Test at Lord's in 1953, helped England to an at the Oval.

Reginald ("Tip") Erskine Foster not only played, but is the only man ever to have captained England at both football and cricket. He played 5 football internationals for England between 1900 and 1902 and captained England against Wales, with ten professionals under him, in 1902. He captained the English cricket team in 3 tests against South Africa in 1907. His 287 in his debut test at Sydney in the 1903/04 tour remains, in 2010, the highest Test score by an Englishman in Australia. He scored a series aggregate of 486 on that Tour, at the age of 25. Business pressure prevented him playing more than he did and he died from Diabetes, before insulin was discovered, at the age of 36. He was one of 7 brothers, all of whom played cricket for Worcestershire.

Denis Compton was also a Double-International in Football & Cricket for England.

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Viv Richards played Test cricket for the West Indies between 1974/75 and 1991, and also played in the qualifying rounds of the Football World Cup for Antigua, playing in the qualifying rounds for the 1974 FIFA World Cup.

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It was Sir Vivian Isaac Richards.

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Q: Whose player played both Cricket
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Which Indian cricket player played cricket for both India and England?


Who is the player who played football and cricket world cup both?

Vivian Richards

Who is the player who played both cricket and football for India?

name of Indian cricket players those played in 1977

Who is the player both fotball cricket world cup?

The great West Indian Sir Vivian Isaac Richards played both Football as well as cricket for his country.

Who played in both football worldcup and cricket worldcup?

The only person to have played both World Cup Football and World Cup Cricket is Viv Richards - Antigua at football and West Indies at cricket.

Were rugby and cricket played in the Victorian times?

Yes both were played in that era

Who played football and cricket both worldcup?

Viv Richards

Whose showing the India Australia cricket matchis it neo sports or dd?

dd & neo both

Who is the only player to play both cricket and football world cup?

The only player to play both cricket and football world cups is Sir Vivian Isaac Richards.

Who played maximum cricket world cups?

Javed Miandad (Pakistan) and Sachin Tendulkar (India) both have played 6 world cups.They both hold the record of playing most world cups.

Which Player Played Both Cricket And Football?

There are a few: possibly the most famous is Ian Botham, but others include Leslie Compton, Chris Balderstone, Andy Goram and Viv Richards.

Who is the only person to have played qualifiers for both world cup football and world cup cricket?

It is Vivian Richards from the West Indes. he played cricket and world cup qualifier for the island of Antigua.