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Q: Whose number was the first retired in Ranger history?
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Which NFL team retired Dwight Clark's number 87?

49ers Dwight Clark, whose jersey number 87 was retired by the San Francisco 49ers, made one of the most memorable catches in NFL history in the 1982 NFC Championship.

Whose number 7 jersey is retired by the New York Yankees?

Mickey Mantle had his #7 retired by the Yankees in 1969.

Whose number 40 on the New England Patriots?

The number is retired in the name of cornerback Mike Haynes.

Whose number 8 jersey has been retired by the New York Yankees?

Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey both had their number 8 jerseys retired by the Yankees.

Whose number 2 jersey was retired by the Dodgers in 1997?

Former manager Tommy Lasorda.

Why is there only one Pittsburgh Steelers football player whose number was retired?

Franco harris

Whose number 70 Washington Redskins?

#70 was retired by the Redskins in honor of linebacker Sam Huff.

Who wore retired number 42 for the San Diego Padres baseball team?

Nobody, it was Jackie Robinson, whose number was retired throughout baseball in 1997. The only player who still wears #42 is Mariano Rivera, The New York Yankees closer, who had the number before it was retired.

Whose number two jersey did the Sacramento Kings of the NBA recently retire?

That was the number of Mitch Richmond, the only number retired by the franchise of a player who played entirely on the Sacramento Kings.

Whose jersey number was the first retired in any pro sport?

Ace Bailey of the Toronto Maple Leafs. February 14, 1934.

NFL quarterback retired whose son is autistic?

Doug Flutie.

Whose numbers were retired in the Detroit pistons?

Isaiah Thomas, Joe Dumars

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