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William Anthony Perry, a pro-football player for the Chicago Bears back in the mid-1980s.

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Q: Whose nickname was The Refrigerator
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What football player was known as the icebox?

Sounds like you're thinking of former Chicago Bears defensive player William Perry, whose nickname was "Refrigerator."

What is the nickname of William perry?

The Refrigerator was/is his nickname.

How did William Perry get the nickname 'The Refrigerator'?

He got his name because he was as big as a refrigerator.

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William Perry

Who had the nickname The Refrigerator?

William Perry

Who is the nickname The Refrigerator?

William Perry

Why was William Perry's nickname the refrigerator?

Because he was the size and shape of a human refrigerator! (You try stopping a runaway fridge!)

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What does refrigerator means to football?

Someone who is every large. It began with William Perry a defensive lineman, who was given the nickname refrigerator.

Who had the nickname The Refrigerator on the Chicago Bears team?

William Perry

What was William Perry's nickname?

He was known as "The Refrigerator" or abbreviated "The Fridge".

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