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Pankaj Roy

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Q: Whose last words were we are not yet out pankaj roy or lala amarnath?
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Whose last words were ''we are not yet out''?

C.K. Naidu's last words were "We are not yet out."

When was Lala Amarnath born?

Lala Amarnath was born in 1911.

When did Lala Amarnath die?

Lala Amarnath died in 2000.

Mohit amarnath is who's cricketer's son?

lala amarnath

Who is the father of former Indian cricket player mohinder amarnath?

Lala amarnath is father of Mohinder amarnath.

1st Indian batsman who make century in test cricket?

It was Lala Amarnath the father of Mohinder and Surinder Amarnath.

Who has taken first hatric in Indian team?

Lala Amarnath

Who was the first test centurion in Indian cricket?

Lala Amarnath

Who scored the first ever century for india?

Lala Amarnath

Who is the first Indian to score test century?

Lala Amarnath

Where is lala amarnath cricket academy in new delhi?


First test centurion in Indian cricket?

Lala Amarnath