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demarcus ware, #94

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Q: Whose last name in the Dallas Cowboys is ware?
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What is the first name of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader with the last name Walden?

Allison. Allison Walden.

Did a player by the last name Emmett play for Dallas Cowboys?

Yes his name is name is Emmit Smith.

Did the Dallas Cowboys have another name?

No. They were called the Dallas Cowboys from 1960.

What is the team name of the ranch hands in nfl?

The Dallas Cowboys

What is the quaRterbacks name for the Dallas Cowboys?

The quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys currently is #9 Tony Romo.

What is the name of Dallas Cowboys current stadium?

Cowboys Stadium

An athlete's last name beginning with the letter I?

Allan Iverson, Philadelphia 76er's Michael Irvin, Dallas Cowboys

Why did they put the name cowboys?

The team was first known as the Dallas Steers, then the Dallas Rangers before settling on the name "Cowboys" for the 1960 season.

What is the Dallas Texas soccer team name?

It's the Dallas Cowboys

What is the real name of Dallas team?


What is football player tony's last name?

Tony Romo is the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Gonzalez is a Tight End.

Why are they called the Dallas Cowboys?

Clint Murchison and Bedford Wynne started the Dallas sports football franchise. They first had an idea to name them the Dallas Steers, then the Dallas Rangers, but settled on the name Dallas Cowboys.