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Ace Bailey of the Toronto Maple Leafs. February 14, 1934.

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Q: Whose jersey number was the first retired in any pro sport?
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Which jersey number was retired first for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The first (and last) jersey number to be retired by the Steelers is #70 for Ernie Stautner. While his is the only one officially retired, many are "unofficially" retired.

What Chicago Cubs jersey was the first to be retired?

Ernie Banks had his Number 14 retired by Cubs in 1982.

Whose number was the first retired in Ranger history?

Nolan Ryan

What Jersey was the first to be retired?

Bill Masterton's number 19 on January 17th 1987

Which Pittsburgh Steelers player had his jersey number retired first?

Defensive tackle Ernie Stautner had his #70retired by the Steelers. That has been the only number they have retired.

What New York Giants jersey was the first to be retired?

The first Giants jersey to be retired, which was also the first jersey ever retired by an NFL team, was the #1 of offensive/defensive end Ray Flaherty in 1935.

Name the first NHL player to have number and jersey retired?

Ace Bailey #6 retired by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1934.

Who wore number 54 for the Golden Gophers and had his number retired?

Bruce Smith's jersey number (54) was the first to be retired by the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team, in 1977.

What is the history behind the hockey number 99?

Number 99 was Wayne Gretzky's jersey number. There were others before him, but there will not be any after. Wayne's number 99 was the first and I believe only number to be retired by NHL. A lot of players have their number retired by their teams, but his was the first, number 99, to be retired by the League.

Who was the first baseball player to have his jersey retired?

Ty Cobb

Which Dolphin player's Number 12 jersey became the first to be retired May 6 1982?

Bob Griese. hope that helped!

Who was the first New York Yankees player to have his number retired?

Lou Gehrig was the first Yankee to have his number retired. The #4 was retired by the Yankees in 1939.

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