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Q: Whos the best ping pong player in the world?
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Who is best ping pong player in the world?

Judah Friedlander is the best ping pong player in the world!

Who is the best ping pong player?

As of October 2013, many consider the best ping pong player in the world to be Ding Ning from China.

Who was the best ping pong player in 1963?

The World Champion in 1963 was Zhuang Zedong from China.

Who are the best ping pong players?

the greatest ping pong player of the world is "Jon-Ove Waldner" for ever. the best other players are : Wang /liqin and Ma Lin from China.

Who is the best ping pong player in asia?

Ping Pong is a popular sport all over the world but particuarly in Asia where it is given much more coverage and focus in society. The best player is currently Wang Hao who holds several world records and can perform manoevers that no other player can seem to master.

China's most famous ping pong player?

Wang Liqin is the most famous Chinese ping pong player, who won many world medals so far.

Who is the best ping pong player in china?

Zhung Zedong is the best ping pong player. He won the world's men singles three times. He is born in 1940 and he has a wife name Bao Huiqiao she is a pianist from Chinese.They have a son called Zhung Biao. Then he got a second wife name Sasaki Atsuko from Japanese.

Why did Forrest gump go to china to play ping pong?

Because he was talented enough to challenge the best Chinese ping-pong player at the time.

If the ping pong ball goes over the net without being hit whos point is it?

The person who hit it.

Who is a popular player in ping pong?

MA Long, from China. He's number 1 in the world.

Who is an okay ping pong player?

I am a pretty good ping pong player. I can be competitive with non professionals.

Who is the shortest women in the world?

its ping ping ! :D

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