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Q: Who wrote a series with titles such as Donkey on the doorstep?
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Who wrote a series of books with titles such as donkeyon the doorstep?

anne fine

Who wrote a series of books with the titiles such as donkey on the doorstep?

This is the Animal Ark series, written by Lucy Daniels and Ben M. Baglio.

Who wrote a series of books such as donkey on the door step?

The "Donkey on the Doorstep" series of books was written by Lucy Daniels. It follows the adventures of a young girl named Mandy Hope and her various animal friends.

Who wrote a series of bookes with the title such as Donkey on the doorstep?

These were part of the Animal Ark series. The title you are referring to was written by Lucy Daniels, although Ben M. Baglio also contributed to the series.

Who wrote a series of books titledonkey on the doorstep?

mrs tidy

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The poet who wrote it was Ursula Askham Fanthorpe, A.K.A U.A FanthorpeHope this helps!

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