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Micheal Jordan because he is gay and black so everyone knows gay people go for balls so if my calculations are correct he would hit Wayne in the balls and bite him and he would win

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Q: Who would win in a fist fight Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky?
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Lars Lindgren of the Vancouver Canucks on Sept 30, 1979 (Preseason) Doug Lecuyer of the Chicago Blackhawks on March 14, 1980 Neal Broten of the Minnesota North Stars on Dec 22, 1982 Bob Murray of the Chicago Blackhawks on March 7, 1984 The only other time Gretzky came close to fighting was on Nov 6, 1985 with Dave Taylor of the Los Angeles Kings. It wasn't much of a fight though, there was a scrum behind the net, Gretzky came in and gave Taylor a bit of a cross check up high and Taylor turned around and dropped him with one punch. Gretzky stayed face down on the ice as the brawl erupted around him. Bob Murray wasn't much of a fight either, Gretzky swung once, Murray dragged him to the ice and that was it.

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