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Bret ''the hitman'' Hart

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Q: Who would win in a fight jimmy snuka or Bret hart?
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What will Bret hart do after what mrmacmahon did to him last monday on raw?

There are rumours that Bret will screw Mr McMahon at RR 2010 (not exactly sure how) and Vince will challenge Bret to a Street Fight at WM26..

What was Bret hart's injurie after the fight with Shawn Michaels?

knee injury

Is Owen Hart related to Bret Hart?

No, Jimmy Hart is not related to any of the Hart family members.

What are the new features and improvements of the most recent CAW game?

in what game if it is svr then the ledgans are the rock, masked Kane, ledgand undertaker, jimmi snuka, roddy piper, Bret hart, mankind, animal and halk, Andre the giant and brutus beef cake

How do you verse the legends to unlock them on svr 2008 ps2?

You Can Unlock The Mouth Of The South Jimmy Hart Vince McMahon Shane McMahon Stacy Keibler Sable Bret Hart Andre The Giant Jimmy Snuka King Kong Buddy Brutus Beefcake Masked Kane Legend Undertaker Paul Bearer American Dream Dusty Rhodes Millom Dollor Man Bob Orton Red And Green Dummie Tazz Trish Stratus Eve Torres Torrie Wilson Bristish Bulldog Hulk Hogan Ashley Michelle McCool Layla

Vince screwed bret or bret screwed bret?

bret hart was going to leave wwe for wcw but he didnt want to drop the belt to shawn michaels in his hometown of Canada so vince and shawn planned what would late be known as the montreal screwjob so basically vince,shawn,and bret screwed bret

Did Bret hart win against mr macmahn at wrestlemania 26?

yes but very boring 1 sided fight

Who did Bret hart fight at wrestlemania10?

He defeated Yokozuna for the WWF championship. Rowdy Roddy Piper was the special guest referee

Who can you unlock on smack down vs raw vs raw 2011?

the rock,stone cold,ricky streamboat,lex luger,bret hart,finlay,paul bearer, mickie james, british bulldog,terry funk,jake roberts,rob van dam,jimmy snuka,ricky streamboat,willaim regal,zack rider,vladimir kozlov,goldust,yoshi tatsu,ezekiel jackson,gail kim,brie,bella,nikki bella.

Who would win Bret hart or hulk hogan?

In a submission match Bret Hart, but in any other matches Hulk Hogan

Who is the artist that plays Bret Hart's Theme song?

Jimmy Hart, the original manager of the Hart Foundation, composed the theme music that the Hitman continued to use.

Where is Diana Hart these days?

Fighting with her brother Bre hart she is living in Tampa Florida but she and Bret doen't talk so how can they fight